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Behind the scenes, this is fetching the RSS feed over HTTP, parsing it, and then creating a list of linked items.

Venezuela opposition banned from running in 2018 election
President Maduro says the three main opposition parties cannot compete against him in 2018.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 16:12:33

Bitcoin futures trading begins on Cboe exchange in Chicago
Trading in futures contracts is a step towards legitimising the digital currency, its supporters say.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 16:12:43

Brexit: Theresa May claims new sense of optimism in talks
The UK prime minister will tell MPs she did not cave into Brussels in her deal to unlock talks.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 16:12:48

UK has a new highest mountain
Scientists re-measure the tallest mountains in the Antarctic territory claimed by Britain.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 16:12:13

German spy agency warns of Chinese LinkedIn espionage
Germany's spy agency says China is using the site to gather information on politicians.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 14:12:54

California wildfires: Santa Barbara threatened by Thomas fire
Fresh evacuations are ordered as the largest of the state's wildfires burns largely uncontrolled.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 14:12:35

Netanyahu: Palestinians must face reality over Jerusalem
Israel's prime minister says Jerusalem has "never been the capital of any other people".
Published: Dec 10, 2017 13:12:35

Wild elephant attacks a bus
An elephant attacked a bus in southwest China while its driver was inside.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 08:12:12

Sudan women in trousers: No indecency charges
The 24 women had attended a party raided by morality police near the capital, Khartoum.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 07:12:26

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - tributes to Carrie Fisher at LA premiere
Stormtroopers, an AT-AT Walker and a panoply of droids brought the Star Wars universe to downtown LA.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 06:12:35

Nobel Peace Prize winner Ican warns nuclear war 'a tantrum away'
Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, Ican's Beatrice Fihn appears to refer to the North Korean crisis.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 06:12:58

In Your Face: China’s all-seeing state
China has been building what it calls "the world's biggest camera surveillance network".
Published: Dec 10, 2017 04:12:17

Trump's Jerusalem move: Arab allies attack decision
Key allies are among Arab countries who condemn the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 00:12:30

US boxer wins title in surprise
James DeGale says he will "go back to the drawing board" after his shock defeat by American Caleb Truax at London's Copper Box Arena.
Published: Dec 10, 2017 00:12:50

Nigeria migrants' Libya detention centre love story
Mabel and Steven are now safely back in Nigeria after falling in love in a Libyan detention centre.
Published: Dec 09, 2017 16:12:19

Egypt uncovers ancient tombs at Luxor
A mummy dating back about 3,500 years is among items discovered in the two tombs.
Published: Dec 09, 2017 08:12:54

Dustin Hoffman faces new sex abuse allegation from co-star
Actor Kathryn Rossetter says she suffered an "abusive experience" during a Broadway play in 1984.
Published: Dec 09, 2017 02:12:50

The Code:

= array("",
$feeds = array();
$feeds _querypath_examples_show_multiplerss($urls10);
$feeds as $date => $item) {
$out .= '<p>' l($item['title'], $item['link']) 
' <br />From: ' $item['url'
' <br />' $item['desc'
' <br />Published: ' date("M d, Y H:m:s"$date) . '</p>';


The QueryPath API